You only have a little room to express yourself in this Big House (the World Wide Web), so make it count. We at Big House, Little Room will strive to find the right design for you and your Little Room on the web.

We are opening our doors for business soon and would love to have the opportunity to serve you and your website/blog needs.

Who We Are
Big House, Little Room designs is a team of professionals who have been in the web design business for 15 years in various aspects. Working on sites from the ground up, to normal every maintenance, to sole design, and beyond. Our expertise keeps our clients coming back and our rates keep them happy.

Our Clients
Worried about working for someone half way around the globe in Denver, CO? Big House, Little Room Design has clients in California, Oregon, Colorado, Kansas, South Dakota, Texas and Germany (!) that we are able to work closely with using the latest technologies like Skype, Twitter, Face to Face and even some of the old school approaches like email and phone.

What is the Difference between Web and Blog Design?
The difference is one requires programing and one requires only graphic design. When you place an order for Custom Web Design, we will place all the graphics and codes on your website and make it ready for business with a few details from you. When you place an order for Custom Blog Design, we make your graphics and you plug them into your Little Room (or blog) using your any client such as Blogger, Wordpress or SquareSpace.

How Does the Photo Editing Work?
Have you ever said: "This would be the perfect picture, had my flash gone off!", "I wish that random thing wasn't in the picture sticking out of my head!", "I have two pictures to choose from but one my son isn't looking at the camera and the other my daughter isn't! I wish I could combine them." Well, look no further. In the editing section you will see some examples of the magic Big House, Little Room Designs can do. From the ordinary to the extraordinary! Simply email us for a quote (include the picture you need edited) and we will get back to you with a price within 24 hours.

Spread the Word
Will you help us get the word out about Big House, Little Room Design's grand opening? We all know the best way to advertise is word of mouth and we would like to reward you for taking a moment to spread the word. You can help in three ways: 1.)Follow this blog using the follow button below. 2.)Tweet about us on twitter (@BHLRDesigns) and become a follower 3.) Become a Facebook Fan. Since we know what your time and effort is worth, we will put every follower, tweeter and FB Fan into a drawing to receive a complementary graphics package custom designed just for the winner.